Is there a way to gift an add-on for HitFilm Express to a friend? [SOLVED]

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I was wondering whether there was a way I could gift a friend of mine an add-on for his birthday, how would I buy but send it to him? Is there some sort of code like a redemption code that could be used to download the file on his laptop?


  • Triem23
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    Good question! I'll be waiting to see the answer. 

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    I'm interested as well. They should add a gift system, why say no to free money? :P

  • DanielGWood
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    There is indeed a gifting system for add-ons, and all other HitFilm products. Add the product(s) to your cart as normal, then when you get to Checkout, tick "This is a gift for someone else".

    (In my example here I'm buying HitFilm 4 Pro, but the tick box is in the same place for other products also)

    Gifting screenshot.

    Once your order is completed, rather than the add-ons being automatically registered to you, you'll be emailed a redemption code for your friend, and a handy link to take them to the registration page. Similar codes/links apply with full software purchases, and purchases of stock packs.