Un-fisheye A Shot

So, I've recently acquired a GoPro Hero3 Black, and I want to shoot a video using the high frame-rate and full hd capability and whatnot since the camera I've been using so far is pretty old and only shoots 720.
But I've noticed in testing it that there's the whole fisheye problem and, if I want to do any vfx stuff, that would kind of get in the way. How would I get rid of that? Would I just use the fisheye effect in Hitfilm and reverse it or something? I mean I know I could just try to fisheye all the vfx elements to make them look like part of the shot but that seems pretty extreme  :-?


  • Triem23
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    You can try a few things. First, I believe the GoPro3 has a "zoom" mode to take the field of view from 170 degrees to 120 degrees and lessen the fisheye a bit.

    Second, you can try using the bulge effect to flatten things down, but it's hard to get that effect to go corner to corner.

    Third, you can look at the full version of mochs, since that's on sale for hitfilm users, and try the lens solver module.

    Fourth, you can look at other software. Photoshop can take video in the extended versions of CS5 on... Photoshop has a lens solver.
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    ...or, as you said, just using the fisheye warp in HitFilm and playing with the settings to in fact reverse it should work perfectly fine, too ;)
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    Awesomeness. I thought those might be the options but I just wanted some more advice, so thank you. I'll look into all of these suggestions and see what works best for my project.
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    Narrow mode at 90 degrees? It's 60 fps at 1080p and 120 fps at 720p.
    Is 90 degrees still too much? I don't know much about cameras. I'm new to this stuff and shoot all my videos with an iPad (1080p).