Recent example of VFX in the business world

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Unfortunetly I am not a VFX artist nor do I work in the film industry. However, I am a mild mannered reporter (no wait) I work in IT. Anyway, last thursday I went to London to the Infomation Security event at Olympia and one thing struck me as I walked around the many stands wanting to show me there nice shiney security products and that was how many were using fancy animated graphics to represent their product. Pretty worlds that had spike lines in a range of colours and all with nice glow and blur to make it look good. All to represent attacks.

In essense what I am saying is that work for cool looking mockups isn't just needed in the film industry. (maybe not new to many) but to me it was a stop and wonder how they did it moment (only to be pounced on by a sales rep).


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    Good point, @Andy001z ! In recent months, I've noticed some commercials on TV that make me wonder how they did something.  And though I can figure out how they did the Global Strike game commercials (with Arnie), they're pretty darn good in appearance, IMHO.