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Hello people 

First let me just say i have only recently got my hands on the beauty and have as off last night invested in a few add ons. I wanted to say thanx to the tutorials and features this program has and its community. I have managed to make my first real montage video of a game a design tracks in. Now i know its got many flaws and needed many more professional touches but , im alittle proud of it and wanted to show you guys what i have created out of your program using my own footage but of course using the editors power to trim and cut. I have many more things to learn and am looking forward to this learning curve.

Forever i have been wanting to create a side part of my video to be a music wave that also moves to the music , giving alittle more depth and attraction to the video. After purchasing this add on i was able ( with the aid of the easy tutorials ) make a basic wave pattern , and also include it in the credit , hopefully capturing people attention for the full length of the video.

Being a very beginner to this editor and a beginner to editing full stop , i am chuffed at my out come. Thanx for the chance to do this , even tho it cost , its little compared to what i will be able to do with these in furture. I hope it is ok for me to post the video here. Understanding the feature of the video might not be everyones cup of tea i hope its still enjoyable to watch. 



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    ahh thanx man , appreciate the comment :)

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    Don't worry about posting the video here - we're always happy to welcome new users and their work to the forum! We're glad that you've enjoyed the community and the tutorials so far :)

    I haven't seen a huge number of montages myself, but this one did get me bopping around in my chair. Especially liked the small touch of adding in atomic particles in the corner :)

    One tip for if you're trying to grow your channel - YouTube will reward watch time over most other things, and so your credit roll at the end might do you a disservice if it's too long, as people will click away before the whole video has been watched. This will make your video seem less relevant and interesting to the algorithm. Not saying you should get rid of it entirely, of course - but speeding it up may be something you want to keep in mind!

  • Hi Kirstie

    I'm really sorry for the very late reply, i haven't been on the forums for a long time so only just saw your reply and i hate not to reply to people who have taken time to respond to my post so again my apologises.

    Really pleased you liked the montage , they aren't every ones bag but it was a good way to showcase people creative building skills , in the editor of a game i play. Pretty good creative game, i'm not actually a big fan of its career mode. I'm too old ha ha but the editor is where the game comes to life and brings people together much like this community does with film. 

    Great tip on the ending and yes i agree it could have done with being faster now i have made more vids i can see the benefits that would have. I guess i wanted to make sure the creators got the mentions they deserved but to be honest i'm not that bothered about thousands of subs , just a handful of enthusiastic people who really like what i do will do me. Its just fun and something to give an edge to the learning process of the the creative projects i do.

    I have recommended Hitfilms to many of my friends and gaming communities , its pretty awesome and not just the program. Very friendly and helpful staff and community members

    Kind regards

    the funk