Ultimate ?

I just watched a tutorial, ( Reflections, Animations and 3D Particles ).
It was using particles to make a long glowing stream that spun in circles.
Can I do this "particles" with Express or do I need to purchase Ultimate to do these kind of particles?


  • Brice
    Brice Posts: 11
    Me again. I have another question. I was wondering if it is possible to make a tornado in Hitfilm 2 Express.
    If it is possible do you know of any good tutorials on how to do it?
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Every tutorial we create indicates at the start what version of HitFilm it is designed for.  Or at lest most of them; its possible we missed one here or there.  If the ident at the beginning says "HitFilm 2 Ultimate", then you will need the Ultimate version to do everything that is covered.  You can also filter all of the tutorials by product in the Support area, to show only the tutorials that apply to whatever version you have:
    HitFilm 2 Express does not include the full particle simulator.  To get that kind of power and control, you need the Ultimate version.  The express version contains various versions of the particle system set up to create specific types of effects.  This makes things faster and simpler, but you do have less control over the result, whereas the full particle simulator in HitFilm 2 Ultimate gives you almost unlimited control over what your particles do.  That being said, feel free to take the particle-based effects included in Express and use them for things they weren't designed for, if you want to experiment.  I don't remember everything covered in the tutorial you mention, but a lot of it is just animating the effect you create, and you might be able to pul that off with one of the built-in effects, if you adjust it to have the look you are after.
  • Brice
    Brice Posts: 11
    Thanks for the reply.
     I will be buying Hitfilm 2 Ultimate soon, I really like the particles effects.
    Thanks again !!