Sync animation to music?

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Hi all, I've been using Hitfilm 3 Express for a couple months now (and I should prooobably move to 4 at this point), and I've been trying to figure out how to do something which (to me) seems like it would be somewhat simple.

Basically, I'm trying to sync an animation (or pretty much just keyframes) to the beat of a music track.

EG: How this intro pulsates to the beat after the first bit: 

Is this possible in Express 3 (or 4)? Or, is it possible using (free) external tools, that I could import to HF? Or does this just need to be done manually for each beat?

I looked around for info on this, but couldn't find much except an old thread about Express 2 and an external tool, and I'm not certain it would still work.

Thank you!


  • Palacono
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    Unfortunately, AFAIK: manually for each beat.  Although once you've done a few beats you can cut'n'paste their keyframes.

    This was for when someone wanted to simulate a heartbeat.

    The thing to remember is: make sure the last manual keyframe you do is the same as the first, then when you cut'n'paste over it, you click to move to that last one, then you're replacing it with the same thing, which keeps the timing accurate.

    Your biggest problem is going to be determining the initial length of the beat, as the visual indicator of the audio waveform isn't very large.

  • Jtpetch
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    Ah, okay, thank you. I didn't know you could copy/paste keyframes (although, it seems obvious you could now xD), so that's very helpful with this.