How Do I Save a File On Computer?

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Just downloaded Hitfilm4 Express to test it out. I completed a test project and can not save it to my computer. I have gone to "Export" then under "Export Settings" I have only two choices, "Youtube" and "Export to File". Since I want to download it, I choose the latter. Unfortunately, it requires a "serial code" to activate. The free activation only takes me to the home page, not a place where I can get a free code.  Nothing works, is there a way to get a free serial code so I can download the file I just created?


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    Have a look at this thread.

    How Do You Get a Free Serial?

    I'm not sure how so many people are able to download the program without going through the registration process that will send you the serial in your email, but I think someone mentioned an adblocker was doing something weird to links.

    Or the email with the serial number is in your spam folder?