Guy Ritchie freeze frame in Hit Film 4 Express

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After seeing this video (  ) I wonder if it's possible to do it in hitfilm 4 express. Can anyone teach me how to?


  • sdk7
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    yes you can do something similar to this.  use the export frame function.

  • Triem23
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    As sdk7 notes, you can Export a frame from Hitfilm using the Export Frame command in one of the drop-down menus above the viewer (I think that's in the full/half/quarter rez menu). Re-import into Hitfilm and use the Masking tools for the cutout. Use Hitfilm's threshold effect the same way. 

    Hitfilm doesn't have a stroke tool, so try neon glow, or, create a white plane and put it under the masked actor. Copy the mask frim the actor layer and copy to the plane. Use the Scale Transform in the Mask Properties to increase the scale of the mask on the plane. 105% is a good start. 

    After that, it's all about the text tool. 

    If you're not familiar with the masking tools this Hitfilm 2 tutorial is still the best available. There are specific tutorials for Hitfilm 3 and 4 for masking, but nothing has changed since 2,other than the shape of the icons. And this tutorial is more in-depth. 

  • StephansBilderwelt
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    Hi there, I did something like this in Motion 5. I know it is in German and a different software, but when you follow along you can see the basic and how to apply it to different softwares like HitFilm. 

    I manly use the threshold effect and a bit of moving masking, played with the color correction and finished. I do hope this helps a little.

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    Note that when you export the 'Freeze frame', Hitfilm will apply Antialiasing to it (even if you select RGB in the viewer, it just applies less than if you selected Antialiasing in the Viewer, although why the Viewer affects the Export is an interesting question in itself ) which means it will be softer than the frames either side of it.

    Might not be a problem if you're immediately  going to mask, scale etc. the frame, but is a problem in a 'normal' freeze frame.

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    Thank you for all the tips. I'll try your advice