Hitfilm not using WinAPI framework?

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just a minor thing, since I saw Hitfilm uses Qt but still has the fancy titlebar look with controls inside instead of wasting this space for filenames or things like that :)

But this breaks the WinAPI window functionality such as docking to the screen borders or shaking to clear the desktop. It seems nobody is really using that anyway.



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    Blame Microsoft. Shaking is for rebooting:)

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    In a real sense you can say that Hitfilm is a "Qt" application and not a Windows application. Hitfilm looks and operates the same on Mac and Windows because Hitfilm looks and operates like Qt.

    Certainly there are some things that you can hook a Qt app into a host system to seem more seamless. It is a choice. Then of course there are things you cannot do. No choice.

    When I first started to play with the OBS screen capture software I tried the "Window" capture mode to not capture the taskbar. Well that did not work on Hitfilm. Well it did "work" in a sense as what I got was a static unchanging window capture. This all might have been due to Qt or maybe OpenGL but either way Hitfilm was different than capturing other "normal" native windows apps in the OBS Windows capture mode.

    I once wrote my own GUI encapsulation library. Nothing like Qt and others. Mine simply translated my generic APIs to the native system APIs. Windows, Linux/Solaris/AIX via GTK and Mac. So it looked and operated like a native app. It was not a "full" API. It had what we needed when we needed it or if a user spoke up. It's all just choices. 

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    Well I do not fully agree. If you embrace a platform you should offer the look and feel and usage of this platform.

    I was just curious because I did not find any MS API that would let you create a fully compliant titlebar such as in the new MS Office and VS but without using ribbons. Their only API that gives you this neat look enforces you to have ribbons as well. And it took then quite some time to figure out how to connect a Qt widget with the corresponding Windows events to simulate most of this behavior such as docking and shaking.

    So it seems there really is no easy way of doing this and a pity MS pushes this new design scheme without offering developers the options to just jump on it.