Any easier way to locate keyframes for edit?

I am wondering if there are any hotkeys or techniques to opening up the keyframe positions on the timeline for simple time/scale edits on a specific effect setting.  It is getting to be a great hassle when I have multiple effects, with multiple keyfrmaes on each of the effects and their settings, and need to make simple edits that correspond to several of said keyframes.  I would like to edit either independently or simultaneously, I would like to be able to see all the keyframed attributes and only those attributes if possible (ie After Effects, press the U key). It is hard enough to do to manipulate each individual keyframe, sometimes impossible if you have to adjust 2 or more keyframes in tandem.  Once I have opened all of the multitudes of layer menus in order to see the keyframes for one particular effect setting, I have cluttered my timeline beyond repair, it gets confusing, and I get lost. Especially when there are effect settings in adjacent menu layers that have the exact same name.  Someimes the menus are too large to even adjust 2 keyframes on different settings of the same effect, let alone 2 separate effects with some settings working in tandem!!! Please help!  This is getting very frustrating to say the least.