Quicktime vulnerability and MPEG Streamclip

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Hi folks, I've recently started using Hitfilm 4 Express and as well as learning the vfx side of things, I thought I'd use it to finally edit together a whole pile of .MOV video files I have of my kids which were filmed on multiple different iPhones. And I also thought I'd try and follow the good practice suggested in these forums by converting all of the files to DNxHD first using MPEG Streamclip. However, the lack of Quicktime on my Windows machine (following Apple recently removing support for it and the subsequent report of various zero day vulnerabilities) means that I get a "No Quicktime" error when opening MPEG Streamclip.

Is there an alternative method to convert my footage to a good format/codec for editing, other than re-installing Quicktime Essentials and continuing with MPEG Streamclip? I've seen mention of the Cineform codec elsewhere, but I am not sure what program I'd have to use to convert the iPhone footage? And given that the footage originated on an iPhone, does that mean I'm stuck with Quicktime whether I like it or not?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance!


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    The codec is safe to use, just remove the player. :)

    With that said, I haven't bothered with even removing anything related to QuickTime, my workflow is the same as it's been for a while now. My PC isn't doing things I don't want it to. I think that issue is overexaggerated.

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    Thanks Kevin, I figured I might end up installing Quicktime Essentials in the end anyway, but I was also interested in what alternatives might be.

    I've seen mention of Handbrake as a transcoding tool too, does it effectively let you do the same thing as MPEG Streamclip?

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    @AndrewCameron - Have you tried simply renaming the .mov files from your iPhone to have an .mp4 extension?

    Cineform is an excellent codec for editing. It is not reliant on QuickTime as it can be contained in an .avi file. It's available for free - just download and install GoPro App/GoPro Studio (you don't need to own a GoPro camera)...


    ...The Cineform codec will be then available to other video software on your system, including HitFilm and MPEG Streamclip. (I wouldn't recommend using GoPro App/GoPro Studio for editing unless you're a GoPro user).