What does the Level option do?

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So it does not allow me to export my video with 60 FPS if with 1920 by 1080 BUT when i change the Level option to 4.2 it allows me to, will this effect anything?


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    Long story shortish: h.264/mp4 is a software specification that has been modified and amended over the years for more functionality. As you've noticed you need to be at Level 4.2 to export 60fps (and, I think, Level 5 for 4k).

    This shouldn't have an impact on anything else. In theory this might render a file unreadable if burned to a Blu-Ray and played back on a very old Blu-Ray player with firmware predating the Level 4.2 spec, but I assume you're uploading to YouTube. You're good. 

  • GoopgaGamingGoopgaGaming Website User Posts: 10

    Thank you for the feedback, i am new to the editing community but love all the support and helpfull tips!  And HitFilm4 i think is a good place to start!

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