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There is a feature in hitfilm where you can select a track and level all the audio so the audio volume is somewhat constant, correct? I think I found it at one point, but I've lost it. lol. So basically, what's the name of this feature?


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    It's the line running across the (audio) track on the editor timeline.  Drag it up or down.

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    No, that's the volume control of an individual clip. I'm talking about the entire audio track. What I have going on is, I have a 6 minute video. Instead of adjusting the volume of every dialogue clip so that my dialogue doesn't have loud and quiet parts, I want to edit it all at once. I don't know what it's called, but it's supposed to make the lower volume louder, and the louder volume quieter. That way the viewer doesn't have to constantly adjust the volume.

    There is some feature that adjusts the volume of an entire track (in my case, my dialogue track) that is in other editing softwares. And I believe I saw it once in hitfilm. The purpose of it is to take the manual work that would take hours in big projects, and let the computer do it in seconds.

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    I believe the feature you are looking for is Normalizing, and it isn't currently available in HitFilm. For that you might want to use a dedicated audio application.

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    @Brain132 I know you posted a long time ago, but in case anyone else nowadays (or in the future) has the same question and stumbles across your post here...

    The feature you are looking for is called "Compression", short for dynamic compression.

    Dynamic compression squashes (by a specified Ratio) any sounds that exceed a specified Threshold.

    Typically, the dynamics processing for spoken word is done in 2 steps, each using a different type of "compression":

    1. RMS Compression
    2. Peak Limiting

    You can search the internet for information on these topics. There is a lot out there. Best wishes to everyone!

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    One more thing:

    In order to speed up your workflow on this matter, you will need to use a feature called "Peak Normalization".

    Please see the following HitFilm Feature Request to learn more:

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