Dual purpose: Slider and Truck/Dolly

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I'm looking at sliders and I wonder - if I turn the camera mount 90 degrees, mounted on a ball head, can I use a slider as a truck/dolly?


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    Yes, you can shoot down the rails, but you'll have to raise your camera more and/or use longer lenses to not get the slider itself  in the shot. 

    Take a look at the Edelkrone gear www.edelkrone.com looks sexy, their slider is unique and reviews are generally positive. I'm saving up for some of their gear. 

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    Oh, what are you planning on shooting? The biggest sexiest slider sounds good until you realize you have to carry the sucker. And longer sliders require two tripods/stands. I have a five-foot slider I have never ever used I want to sell off... That would get me money towards a smaller (Edelkrone) slider I would actually carry!

    Now I do a lot of event work. A five-foot slider on two sets of sticks is a pain. An Edelkrone (sorry, I am on the verge of being an add) the width of my shoulders could live on sticks all day and not add significantly to my bulk as I move, with a good three feet of dolly room. This makes it attractive to me. If I did more industrial/commercial work, then the five-footer might actually get used. But that five-footer was a bad purchase--it's the wrong gear for my needs. 

    Long sliders are great for controlled environments, smaller sliders for run n' gun. 

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    Wow! You shouldn't have shown me the Edelkrone product. AWESOME!

    The fact that I'm a one man show I want something that is easy to use and setup. From what I've read in the community reflects what you say about your 5 footer. Big and Heavy makes for a tough shoot.

    I was looking at the iFootage S1A1 but at almost 3k it's a bit outside my hobby budget and to boot I hear the thing is heavy (looks it to).

    Looks like for just over $1200 I can get the SliderPlus (medium) with the action module.  Pretty cool the slider works in both direction too.

    Man I wish I'd have waited a week or 2 before I asked this question. It might be difficult to resists ordering   one tomorrow .

    Thanks a ton for you insite Triem. Much appreciated.

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    Here's the slider that I own.

    It's decent I guess. I bought a much smaller version. The problem I have is that a lot of the slider shots are all shaky, and I have to track to get it stable again which is annoying.

    I suppose adding more weight would help with this problem, or keep my hands off the camera when moving the slider. My advise is, buy nice or buy twice, also don't bother with long sliders, trust me.


    My slider is 23" long, and it's mounted to my tripod, which is made out of carbon fiber. It's all very lightweight, and even if I have my Manfrotto video head, as well as my Canon 600D + lens, the slider doesn't move vertically when panning across, which is absolutely fantastic, that's why I don't recommend longer sliders.


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    Thanks Kevin - I like the "Buy nice or buy twice" -  a comment that seems to fit well into my purchasing habits. Refreshing to hear it from someone else besides me.

    I really have low end gear  (I'm very much a noob in this world)-  Panasonic G7 with a kit lens - I recently picked up a Roxen focal reducer and a Cannon FD 50mm F1.8 lens - nothing big so I didn't think weight would be an issue as long as I didn't go cheap or DIY. 


    I'm really glad you added a  response - After I posted I thought "really - what type of head I should get. Ball head just really isn't what I'm after." Thus you mentioned the Manfrotto. I did a quick search - I noticed that a head (good fluid head) weighs in the 15-16 lbs range. Since I'm very much new to filming equipment if I might - in your , or anyone else's, opinion what would be a decent head to get without busting the bank?

    I know this is very subjective and is based on what Triem asked "what I'd be shooting" but... inquiring minds.

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    Haha, well trust me, it's easy to overthink gear. 

    Here's exactly what I use:

    Canon 600D

    50mm f 1.8 first version

    Digipod Carbon Fiber Tripod

    Sevenoak SKGT02 Slider

    Manfrotto 128RC


    Now what made me buy Manfrotto head was the quick release plate. God ****, It's the fastest plate I've ever come across.

    Here's a photo:

    My next purchase is going to be a three way head, so that I can use the Manfrotto on the tripod, and the slider on that, so that I can use the three way head on the slider, and I'll have a jib/slider combo. It's got 5 holes to mount it to, so buying another quick release plate means I can go back and forth between slider and jib in like 5 seconds, but that.'s soon, can't wait though. :)

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    @GrayMotion Choosing a fluid head is a very subjective thing. What one person really likes the next guy will hate. Unless it's an O'Connor that costs as much as a good used car then everybody will like it ;)

    The big gotcha for DSLR shooters is getting one that can counterbalance to very little or no weight. This is great fluid head but it just about needs the full weight of @KevinTheFilmmaker 's entire rig before it'll counterbalance right.


    The total weight and counterbalance issues knock out a lot of really good used options too. Much of what's on the used market was designed for much heavier cameras.

    If you just want to try a fluid head to see if that's what you really want then there's this one:


    You can find it under several different brand names with or without a tripod. The important bit for tracking them down is 717. It's not bad just don't expect it to last several years or be extremely reliable.

    A big step up from that would probably be something from Manfrotto. There's several choices and my advice would be see if you can try some out at a local camera shop first to make sure you're getting something you'll like.

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    I made a mistake and I don't want to mislead anyone

    Slider is the SKGT01 60 cm 1.05 KG 

    Manfrotto 128RC Micro Head 1 KG 

    Digipod C2230 Tripod 920 g

    Canon 600D (with battery and card) 560 g

    Canon 50mm f 1.8 (with lens hood) 172 g

    Total: 3.7 KG

    I don't want to be misleading, so that's the exact weight of my entire rig, which I probably shaved off over 1 KG going with a carbon fiber tripod. A three way head is going to add another 500 g or so, perhaps a bit more. But, a slider/jib/tripod combo at around 4.5 KG? That's very light in my opinion. Carbon fiber does a lot, the vibration reduction is a god send.


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    I would like to update my previous comment about steady shots when sliding. The stability problems have been dealt with, what caused the problems was the rail itself. It was a bit dirty, something got stuck in between the silicone, and now it't super smooth all the way across. My hand touching the slider cart wasn't the cause, I can still do that with no vibrations in my shots. My point is, if I went with a more expensive slider, I would of wasted my money, though that Edelkrone is insane!

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    I can't express  you how much I appreciate the feedback @KevinTheFilmmaker @Alladin4d @Triem23 - my thanks indeed.

    You have all giving me much to chew on - buying camera gear appears to be much like buying fiber optic fusion splicer and OTDR's. The choices are many - from cheap to outrageous -  I usually buy the outrageous when it comes to that gear (for technical reason). I don't want to be responsible  for someones arm re-materializes in their eye socket after they've been transported through my fibers! Ok - a bit of a stretch (at the moment) but I hope you get my point. Quality over quantity has always worked for me.

    The Vinten link was especially eye opening.  I'm defiantly a "Go big or go home kinda guy" but... wowzer! One thing the I definitely came away with by watching the demo video was how important balance is. Down right educational indeed.

    I was over/under thinking this whole thing. I'm out on a project on and off  for the next week or so but when I return I'll be following up on my needs vs my wants on this topic. 

    Again - much appreciate all the points made and advice giving. Kudos to all!

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    If I could I would buy a different sliter, mainly because I want holes for the quick plate on the sides of it, so I can mount the slider vertically, literally. That's the only problem I have with my slider.

    Right now I'm in the process of researching another Manfrotto Videohead so that I can use it as a jib, and I'll make a video of it and show you the results. Hopefully before this month ends, but could be a bit later.

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    @KirstieT @Axelwilkinson either that post is uninformed, a troll, or spam. Might want to look into it.

    In case the prior, sliders are for cameras not truck back windows... as this is a filmmaking website for the most part.

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    @TriFlixFilms It does indeed look like spam. I've removed it - thanks for flagging it!

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    @DanielGWood security breach! The above truckslider has already spammed this thread and had a post deleted by @KirstieT

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