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Hello all,

I recently read @TriFlixFilms discussion on Intro Advice, and it reminded me that I have an unfinished work in progress intro that I didn't know what to do with!

This discussion was also inspired by @Triem23 's main discussion.

My final render of the video below will be in 2.5k, for all those high-res mad people out there (I know, not 4k , it's too much for my laptop). Current render is in 720p for speed of sharing and previewing.

I was wondering if I could receive feedback on how to improve this. I will repost every time I have a somewhat finished version based on feedback and my own aims.

Works in progress:

  • Title(duh)
  • More interesting mid-ground movement apart form 2 circles


  • (Only one I could think of) A complete redesign.



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