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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and just arrived from the HitFilm for Mac Kickstarter. I was emailed that I had to create my account now in order to get the Kickstater supporter badge.
Anyway I thought I might as well use this post to link a video I've worked on for these past few weeks. It is for an Aerial Video contest. It does not use Hitfilm (waiting for the Mac version) but I spent a great deal of time editing it so hopefully you will find it enjoyable.
The contest is based on "thumbs-up" so please thumb it if you find it deserving.

Looking forward to getting my hands on HitFilm once it releases for Mac!


  • SimonKJones
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    That's some seriously clear water. Fascinating looking place - the fortified area near the end was particularly intriguing. What is that place?
    Welcome to the forum, glad to see some of the Kickstater backers showing up!
  • ElCuajinais
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    That place is called "El Morro" and it's located in Old San Juan. It is a Spanish fort from colonial times. Used to defend  San Juan from the Dutch, English, & French navies during the "pirate era" as I like to call it ;)
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