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i have kreated a Hyperlapse and i wanr to stabilize it because its a bit shaky. something like Warp stabilizer in AE doesn´t exist ?


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    Really? The whole point of a Hyperlapse software is that it also stabilises the video. What did you use?

    Have you tried going through the Hyperlapse software more than once? For example, if you wanted a x8 result, try going through at x4 twice and see if the result improves on the second pass.

    Edit: Actually, that would end up with x16.  Doh!  x2 then x4 = x8. ;)

    But basically there is nothing like Warp Stabilizer in Hitfilm. There is a Point Stabiliser, and it works very well, but with a Hyperlapse, I think it would struggle to latch onto a single point long enough before it was off screen only a few frames later. It's more for handheld shots that have at least a part of the frame in shot the whole clip (although you can join tracks together in a panning shot, where that isn't always the case with a bit of effort) so I don't think it would be helpful here.

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    I don't think the OP is using the Microsoft Hyperlapse software. I think the OP is using the term "Hyperlapse" instead of "timelapse". I think the OP is just speeding up footage in Hitfilm. The MS Hyperlapse software does have intrinsic stabilization.

    Unfortunately Hitfilm does not have a stabilizer feature.

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    Hyperlapse (also walklapse, spacelapse, stop-motion time-lapse, motion timelapse, moving timelapse) is an exposure technique in time-lapse photography, in which the position of the camera is being changed between each exposure in order to create a tracking shot in timelapse sequences.

    If I am not mistaken, the OP is performing a Time Lapse with movement ie a Hyperlapse. This can be done on foot, with a slider or dolly or from a moving vehicle.   The downside is that a HL does require Post production stabilization.  There are many fine tutorials related to stabilizing a hyperlapse.   In my experience, the Hitfilm two point method is ineffective in stabilizing a HL.  Possibly the stabilizer function in Resolve 12.5 would be sufficient.  Warp stabilizer is usually the go to stabilization for a HL.

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    Have a look through this thread. All the links are there. Hyperlapse Discussion

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    this is my HL so far

    yes i dont use any software like miocrsoft HL thats why its so shaky :/  i also dont understand what i have to do to stabilize it the link does not help me at all :/.  because i am a beginner in Hitfilm and any film relatet things i need easy instructions ^^ also im not an good english speaking Person and cant understand everything :/ so be Patient with me ^^

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    Axel's video will probably explain it best.

    When you use two points,  select X, Y and Rotate (NOT SCALE).

    Then you rotate it level and expand it slightly to fix the corners. In the example below, to 109%. The biggest problem is the flickering light changes. Auto Contrast and Auto Levels seem to help, but there are big changes. Plus at one point it looks like you moved backwards and started again, although that could just be an illusion caused by the lighting changes.

    Best I could do. I think you needed more frames, so it can move more smoothly. You could at least then blur frames together if you sped it up.

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    ye i know that it Looks a bit rough and i think the one step backwards as it seems is because a this Point i waited that some dudes could walk through the hallway but think it looks very nice for the first try :) and thanks for the help :) mine looks like yours so i dont think i have to upload it once again :) thank you very much i really like the community of hitfilm :)

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