'The Grendel Toots' - Production Thread

Good evening, Hitfilm community. It gives me great pleasure to announce the new short film I'll be DOPing next month. "The Grendel Toots" is a monster short film with a terrific cast and a killer soundtrack.
Here's the obligatory fundraising page. I implore you to take a look and donate anything you can!
3 reasons why this short will be awesome
1) The Cast
The script has attracted some high-calibre talent and we're all very excited to see how they bring this film to life!
Paul Barber - The Full Monty, Only Fools and Horses, The 51st State
Red Madrell - Kidulthood, Adulthood, Skins
Julian Lee Seager - Dr. Who, The World's End, Broadchurch
2) The Script
"The Grendel Toots" is a monster movie with a difference. This isn't about scares, but you'll undoubtedly get tense. This isn't about depressing social drama, but you'll catch a glimpse of a hidden and often forgotten part of society. This isn't a musical, but you won't be able to get the theme song out of your head!
3) The Crew
Liam (director), Will (producer) and myself (cinematographer) are coming off the back of two successful collaborations, a BFI-funded youth group-led short dealing with transgender issues, and Long Delayed Echo, our graduation film which was recently nominated for four awards at the National Student Film Festival (Best Film, Best Drama, Best Cinematography, Best Performances). Our make-up guys worked on Batman Begins and Dr Who too.
Thanks for reading, check back throughout this month as I post updates on our progress. In the meantime, it would be amazing if you could donate a little something to help us do justice to this project :D


  • Masqutti
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    Great to see a more professional project in the forum!
    If I may ask, do you use hitfilm for the film?? :)
    It's about time to get hitfilm some serious use, and I want to see how it all turns out!