Hitfilm 4 Express won't install on D: drive

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I used the custom setup and created a new folder on my D: drive and choose "Next". Then I get a message saying I don't have enough space on my C: drive? Why is it trying to install 1.03 GB on that drive when I chose D:?


So apparently you can' post the letter "D" followed by a colon without it creating a smiley?

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No reply from Support? Is it not possible?


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    It's the weekend. No one's in the office. 

    That said, your question has come up before and I know the answer. 

    You can install Hitfilm to your D: drive, however certain files--common files, registry files and certain libraries will always install on your OS drive (this happens with any software installed). Windows required files are going to install to your Windows drive no matter what. Thos is inherent in how Windows works and is due to how Microsoft set up the OS. There is nothing FxHome can do about that. 

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    The long weekend continues I guess.

    Hitfilm needs to specify that you need more than 1 Gb on your C: drive to install Hitfilm 4 Express - no program on the planet adds registry settings that take up more than a few Kb. Common libraries should be configurable to install in any location you desire unless they have hard-coded the settings into the code which would be really slack.

    I'm not impressed with the poor support response either.

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    Directly from Premiere Pro requirements page:

    • 4 GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)
    • Additional disk space required for preview files and other working files (10 GB recommended)

    If that's not enough, here's a quote from a Staff member at Adobe:

    "The Creative Cloud application will always need to be installed to the C drive or whatever drive contains the operating system.  The majority of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications should support a customized install location.  There will always need to be shared components though installed on the C drive."

     Think of it like this. HitFilm core files = C;, but HitFilm's other files on the drive you selected, typically D;. This is Windows causing it, not HitFilm.

    It's true that they don't specify that your OS drive needs to have space for core files, but it's very common. :)

    Sad that you didn't receive the support you deserve. Staff check forums regularly, although not on weekends. I'm sure they're going to check this thread on Monday. 

    If they missed your support ticket, it's possible that you types in the wrong contact information, are you sure everything was correctly filled in?

    Hopefully your issue gets resolved, but the only way is to free up space on your C; drive, but understandable that you want a Staff's confirmation. :)

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    Primaveranz - Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, sometimes when lots of people post at the same time some threads get pushed onto another page & don't get the attention they should.

    I do my best to reply to most of the things posted on here & I am sorry on this occasion I missed your post.

    HitFilm can be installed to any drive you wish, as long as there is space of course. An amount of files have to be installed to C: drive (looking at the installer it's about 600MB to 800MB) as @Triem23 correctly stated, even if you select a different drive for the installation. This is because the C: drive is exactly where they will be expected to be.

    I don't personally know if this can be helped or if the space requirements can be lowered but I would have thought the developers would have looked into this if it was indeed possible.


  • @Ady so it's supposed to be around 600/800MB? Well, HitFilm takes 1,92GB of my C: drive... Nothing seems to be installed on my D: drive, didn't ever get the chance to change it while installing. I even reinstalled it multiple times to look if I really couldn't change it but it automatically installed everything on the C: drive.

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    @grensie_b you have to select "CUSTOM" installation to select a different drive.

    I have all my Hitfilms on my D:

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