No new free features for the Pro version ? just the free version

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I am happy to see Hitfilm support people who cant afford to pay for Pro version with free use of  express . Love the product and the pro  package is great value with lots of features and I look forward to the next version.

But if you have the time and resources as a company to upgrade the free version with new free  features. I would also expect a upgrade to the pro version with new features for free  at the same time .

In my opinion its not the best way to treat the users who spent the money on the pro version. At the end of the day its the people who pay for the product who help develop it . The express version was already a great FREE product.  


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    You mean by upgrading express with new "free" features which are old features that got shifted out of add on packs, and giving Express owners things like auto-aligning cameras that were only added to Hitfilm 4 Pro in March? 

    There was a Pro Upgrade this week as well which has newly optimized code to improve playback with 3Dmodels? 

    Pro owners are being taken care of. 

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    Pro has gotten new features in pretty much every update since release. 

    The "new" features in Express are not new. They are features that Pro already has. Express 4 is just Pro 4 minus certain features. FxHome certainly has the right to re-evaluate what feature set Express has. Express is very much a marketing tool for Pro (IMO).

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    Yep.  Downloaded HF4 Pro update yesterday.

    Awesome to have editable splines on the view panel.  Nice new feature!  Lots of tweaks within.

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    Bug fixes and performance fixs are not new features . I know you guys spend lots of time here and feel a obligation to defend the company .

    But apart from update 3 which added the new features to the 3D viewer and cams and update 1 fish eye for go pro , the rest seems to have been optimising  features and fixing work flows. Most updates seem to contain wording that suggests its a new feature but it is in fact a tweak to a alreay existing feature.

    Of course they can do as they please but if they rather spend there time and resourses on upgrading the free version to get more new people useing it . Just dont be surprised if when the next pro version drops people start thinking twice about its worth

    As for the last update i dont use Nvida and performance improvements are not new features so nothing in the update for a pro user like myself.

    Last update

    Significant performance improvements on Windows when exporting complex projects involving 3D models on NVIDIA hardware. Performance improvements will vary depending on the specifics of the project.
    Clarified wording on Export screen when in demo mode
    Removed the Broadcast to the Movie Wall option from YouTube export (videos can still be submitted via the website)


  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast

    HitFilm Express' development time relative to Pro development time is pretty small. The model for Express is that it shares code with its big brother, while having a reduced feature-set so as to make its free nature make sense. Creating Express doesn't really take much away from Pro in terms of resources - it's an efficient product relationship.

    HitFilm 3 Express was based on HitFilm 3 Pro. HitFilm 4 Pro came out in November 2015 and we've now updated Express to the v4 codebase. For Express users this is absolutely a major upgrade, but Pro users have had access to all of this stuff for months already - as well as the exclusive features that don't go into Express.

    A big part of the Express launch is also the new tutorial content, which works great for Pro users as well. There's cool techniques in there and as mentioned we'll be following up with more Pro-only tutorials. The Express launch enables us to produce more training content than is normally possible, so everyone benefits from that.

    When it comes to upgrading to future versions of Pro, as always that's a very personal decision for each of you, depending on your budget and whether the features appeal. We don't expect everyone to always upgrade - but I think the worth of each Pro release to date has been evident, and that's something we intend to continue. Ultimately it's up to you guys to decide, which is as it should be.

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