Improvement tips for the HeadUp movie w/ Kirstie

Majahr Posts: 573 Enthusiast

...first, congratulation for this short movie, i.e. the attached tutorials. Very useful tips & techniques inside ;-) I've played around with the project file and will share one or two  tips to improve the realistic look:

1) Add an "Environment Map Viewer" to the scene as well as the "Tint" effect to create an athmospheric hologram inside the helmet with a bluish coloring:

Overall scene grading

2) To reflect all hud elements in the eyes, just create a plane (300x300px), link it to the tracker points and add the "Sphere" effect. Using the "Environment Layer" linked to the HUD composite shot, you're able to add the reflection inside the eye (the screenshot only contains the effect to the left eye). I've added an "Exposure" effect to brighten the relection up as well as a "Diffuser" to make it more blurish:

Eye reflection

Hope this helps ;-)