My Add-On packs for HFExpress 3 work on HFExpress4 right?

I don't have to pay for them again do I?


  • kevin_nkevin_n Website User Posts: 1,934 Enthusiast

    Yep, you won't have to buy the packs again.

  • pmus2016pmus2016 Website User Posts: 5
  • YeremyahYeremyah Website User Posts: 1,000 Enthusiast
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    You will maybe need to pay for them again if your hard drive crashes, and you get a new hard drive, and forget your login details and they cannot confirm who you are.

  • johnnyjelkojohnnyjelko Website User Posts: 93
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    If you forget your login and haven't been on the forum before. Just open hitfilm and go into file > options > activation, to see your info.

     As soon as you open the download page it recognizes your already upgraded formats and let's you know they come along for the ride - so no worries.

  • pmus2016pmus2016 Website User Posts: 5

    I can login to fine but despite installing HF4 Express it does not appear in my account and I cant get the activation to work via the software. I enter my email/password and then try to use the ACTIVATION code from HF3 Express but it just refreshes the small panel asking for it again with no error message. Stuck.

  • LukusLukus Website User Posts: 10

    Having exactly the same issue as pmus2016...

  • johnnyjelkojohnnyjelko Website User Posts: 93
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    I didn't have to use an activation code(must have just migrated it over by logging in), I kept hf3express installed and installed 4express. Then to activate I logged with email/pw and then restarted the program to complete activation.

  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,021 Just Starting Out


    You need to claim a license for HitFilm 4 Express first. Your 3 Express license won't work in 4 Express - it's a different program. As others have mentioned though, if you have packs on your 3 Express license, they'll update to 4.

    Claim your 4 Express license here:

    Sorry, there should have been an error message displayed which would have been helpful here, we'll look into that.

    On another note, if you forget your login details we do our utmost to find your account and confirm your identity (subject to relevant laws). We do encourage you to keep your login and order details somewhere safe though.

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