Image sequence length limit?

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I'm creating image sequences in Poser, but when I import to Hitfilm, the sequences are limited to two seconds at my chosen framerate of 25 FPS. That is how it is set to output from Poser and how I have my project set in Hitfilm. The whole clip imports and can be added to the timeline, but I just get black frames after 2 seconds.

What is strange is that when I scrub through the clip, the time counts down both ways to the point that the images stop playing, and considers that zero. The same sequences load perfectly in Sony Movie Studio.

Please help! Do I need to buy an addon pack to get longer image sequences, or do I need to limit to two second clips? Thanks in advance. 


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    I can tell you from long experience Hitfilm should be able to import image sequences of far longer than two seconds. Just last night I brought in a 4 minute long image sequence. Something strange is going on, so let's see if we can figure it out.

    Ok, let's get the basic questions out of the way. What is your machine's CPU, GPU and RAM? What is your OS and storage media? Double-check your machine and see if you have dual GPUs--usually one will be something like an "Intel 4000HD" built into your mobo , the other would be AMD or NVIDIA.

    If you have a dual-GPU, you'll want to use your computer's management software to make certain Hitfilm is using the AMD/Nvidia.

    Are your GPU drivers current? (FxHome has a FAQ on how to update here: )

    Are you running antivirus? (There are known issues with some antivirus software, like Avast. Maybe try turning off the AV before opening Hitfilm and see if that makes a difference?)

    Is your machine a Dell? (There are some known issues with Dell machines)

    As a general note, Hitfilm is more resource-intensive than SMS. I don't know if that's got anything to do with this issue, but you might want to know.

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