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Hi everybody

I recently joined the Hitfilm community, and I must say this is one nice piece of software.

I have downloaded the Hitfilm 4 pro for a tryout, however the application crashes every time, with the message "AMD display driver did not respond and was recovered" (or something like that). Then the application hangs, until -sometimes- the crash error box opens and creates the dump file. Otherwise I have to kill the app myself.

This occurs randomly, mostly when switching from composite shot to Editor and back, or adding composites to the editor timeline. It happened when editing the "Kendo saber" or "lightsword effect" project files. Needless to say the application is quite useless in this situation...

Has anybody experience a similar issue ?

My config :

  • Windows10 64 bits
  • Hitfilm 4.0.5103.5403 (latest)
  • AMD Radeon HD5450
  • CPU Core i5, 4Go

My drivers are up to date


Thanks in advance


  • Ady
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    nze123 - Sorry you are having trouble with the software.

    What you are seeing is called a TDR, TDR stands for Timeout Detection and Recovery. This is a feature of the Windows operating system which detects response problems from a graphics card, and recovers to a functional desktop by resetting the card. If the Windows does not receive a response from a graphics card within a certain amount of time (default is 2 seconds), the operating system resets the graphics card.

    The AMD Radeon HD 5450 is a low powered GPU not intended for intense 3D applications. AMD now also regard this series of GPU's as 'legacy', meaning they do not receive driver updates in the same manner newer GPU's do.

    As HitFilm is GPU accelerated, it seems what is happening here is that you are simply over working your GPU, if you are running other programs whilst editing your project, turn them off or shut them down. Even things like playing YouTube videos in HD can take up resources, if you don't need them open to work, shut them down or close them.

    Another way to get around this is to think about editing your project in smaller chunks so that there is less stress on your GPU. All machines regardless of how powerful they are have limitations, it seems like you have hit your machines limit.

    The final alternative is of course to upgrade the GPU to a more modern one, but that is of course up to you as I appreciate it's not always an option to just throw money at a problem.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help.


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