Unable to install HitFilm 3 Express with low disk space

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hello everyone i have recently download hitfilm 3 express i am trying to install the program but i have hit a brick wall allready even before it can start to install. the program installs towards my c drive which is an ssd with only 223 mb space simply for my OS. so i changed the path to my e drive which has 6tb of space on it. the program it self is roughly 1100mb large and for some reason it keeps trying to install about 500mb of the program to my c drive. how is this even possible when i clearly direct it towards my e drive. any help would be much appreciated as i would really like to be able to use hitfilms 3 express thank you in advance.


  • emma24xia
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    You did not mention which OS you want to install hitfilm 3 express to, probably the problem is related to certain OS.

  • Ady
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    BLITZCRAFTemma24xia has clearly stated you haven't mentioned what OS you are using so I'm going to assume you are on Windows.

    The HitFilm 3 Express installer cannot install everything to your E: drive due to the fact some common, shared & system files must be placed on the C: drive as that is where they will be looked for when launching software. 

    My advice would be to free up some space on your C: drive, you can do this by clearing some temporary files, removing old downloads, moving your page file to another drive or uninstalling old programs.


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    thank you for your response. im on windows 10 and i find it strange that a program would be forced to partially be installed to my c drive. but i have cleared some space and that seems to indeed fix the problem ty for your help

  • Triem23
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    It's the nature of the OS. Ady notes "Common, shared and system files," which means "things Windows 10 needs to see," and, as Windows 10 is on your C: those files will always go in C:, no matter what. This has happened with much of your other software as well. Nothing FxHome can do about it. 

  • StormyKnight
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    BLITZCRAFT - I say this not knowing what the current capacity of your SSD is so adjust my estimates for capacity - I would look on ebay for another SSD. They're getting cheaper all the time and one with more capacity, perhaps 480GB- it would give you plenty of room to grow for a few years.  @Triem23  is correct  about programs being installed on the C: drive. I have a 480GB SSD and a 4TB HDD. I only use the SSD for the OS and programs. I first tried a 128GB but ran down to 23 or 24GB free space fast after all the programs were installed and the OS needs approx. 25-30GB free space just to start up and operate.  I only know of a handful of programs that are quite small that can run off a drive other than C: so a larger SSD drive could only be beneficial. Just a thought.

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