Game of Thrones VFX peak.

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Interesting little peak into the VFX world of GOT.


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    Love the epic scale of the effects work in GoT. Such impressive stuff, and the deadlines must be insane.

    Looking forward to the new season!

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    I've always had a problem with these things. As much as I respect the artists, and wouldn't be able to create something like it alone, and even with a team probably in years. But when I look at these VFX breakdowns, it seems like they're overdoing it, which is when mistakes start to show, more frequently. To me, it's not the best experience when that happens, because VFX are supposed to be invisible, obviously a monster isn't real, but still. Don't any of you think that they're using too much CG?  For me it's too much eye candy, and it's very obvious what is animated in most shows. I watch on Blu Ray's, so perhaps that's why it's more obvious than streaming services.

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    Not sure I agree with you Kevin, from watching a number of the BOS episodes they seem to go to a lot of effort getting real locations to shoot at. There is a lot of stuff that could be faked in studio, but it feels and I am sure looks better being real. See this latest example for what I mean.

    I don't think there is too much CG, it is clearly being done to a very high level and as the guy said, as long as I get to enjoy the scene without being jarred out becuase of bad CG then why not, after all books have always been able to create fantasic scenes becuase of our GPU's in our heads, finally I can give my core processer a rest. :)

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    Perhaps I get over-excited/engrossed, but I don't notice the VFX that much in GoT. Obviously I'm aware that heaps of it isn't real, but it's never jarring, in my opinion.

    From that breakdown alone (I haven't watched any others) it does look like they're using practical effects as much as possible (come on, they basically set people on fire in one clip), and they are shooting in multiple countries simultaneously.

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    KevinTheFilmmakerAndy001z. GoT is a fantasy based show which requires a large amount VFX dressing to sell the concept. I think that if they didn't go to the extent that they do, it wouldn't look as convincing as it does (to most).

    It does seem that the FX people for GoT go thru great pains to strike a balance of using practical / on-location FX and enhancing them with CG. It's this balance that works for GoT and other films like The Force Awakens. Of course, some shots are more CG than others by necessity.

    I think what's happening with you (and I would say most of us) is that you see the VFX because that's what you do. Kind of like a dermatologist walking thru a mall - he or she would see skin ailments that most of us wouldn't give two thoughts to. Because that's what they do.

    Even with very well done VFX scenes, I find myself mentally deconstructing how it was done. Often, I have to chastise myself to just sit and enjoy the story of a show or movie. If I like what's going on visually, I will watch it again with a critical eye and / or find the breakdown.

    Good CG, to most, is seamless - half-ass CG is always noticeable even to people not in the biz.

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    I think what's happening with you (and I would say most of us) is that you see the VFX because that's what you do. 

    Yeah.  I forget where I heard it, but a YouTube video I watched basically asserted that you only notice the CGI that stands out in some way.  There's a lot more of it in use than most people realize.

    I think regardless of whether or not it's "better" than practical FX is irrelevant; in most cases it's cheaper and that's a boon for a medium like TV.