What would this forum be without Triem23?

Seriously.. I'm just lurking most of the time, but shouldn't you receive a medal or something?


  • *hands Mike the Hitfilm Medal of Honor* :-)

  • NormanPCN
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    ...it would be boring and seriously less informative without.

  • TonyCee
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    Indeed, he is a huge asset to the community, he give experienced advice new and old, quite a loyal supporter if I must say,

    I too agree, HitFilm should 'one day' hand him the Medal of honor, just not with DHL, they lost my new phone twice, damned retched bafoonables.    

  • DanielGWood
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    I'm not sure we're actually allowed to bestow the Medal of Honor, but he is certainly awesome!

  • Aladdin4d
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  • Yeremyah
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    Who is Triem23? :)

  • GrayMotion
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    Echoing Aladdin4d - Without Triem23 we wouldn't have precise, scrupulous, exact, perfectionist, meticulous,  fastidious, punctilious teachings. 

    I for one feel very lucky to have a mentor like this. Long live Mike!

  • Stargazer54
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    @JohnnySwede Well, I hope Triem23 is paying you well.  You should ask for more.  He has deep pockets. ;)

    But seriously, there are a lot of folks on this list, that not only would be missed if they were absent, but we would be the poorer for it.  If I start listing folks I know I'll miss a great contributor. 

    So, suffice it to say, its a group effort.  And this is absolutely an awesome group of professionals - including the FXHome Staff who take time out of their busy schedules to drop in and help out.

    But, I agree.  Its good to say thanks to those who give of their time and expertise to enlighten the rest of us. 

  • Triem23
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    Triem23? That guy is a tool.

    Seriously, imagine my surprise and slight embarrassment at this thread. Like Stargazer says, it really is a group effort--Stargazer, Aladdin, StormyKnight, NxVisualStudio, InscapeDigital, Norman, etc, etc, etc...(again, as Stargazer said above, I know I am overlooking people)  Without that Triem dude around this forum would still be helpful and informative--there's plenty of other knowledgeable and helpful users on this forum, and I learn much from everyone else as well. 

    Medals are cute, but I'd rather have an endowment or grant. ;-) 

  • [Deleted User]
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    @JohnnySwede Today isn't April Fools, be nice!

  • Aladdin4d
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    One Grant coming up........

  • NormanPCN
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    "That guy is a tool."

    A multi-tool. Selects appropriate tool for the question at hand.

  • I know, it's not just you Triem. But you're the only one paying me so.. J/K!

    Triem is not the only incredible  teacher in here, but he sure is one of the best. So,  forgive me if my appreciation of one guy may look like I forget the rest. I don't. This whole community is a blessing.

  • Andy001z
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    +1 on Triems helpfulness.

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  • SimonKJones
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    As a company we have three major assets, in no particular order: the products, our staff, and the community. People like Triem actively improve the experience of owning and using HitFilm, and for that we're always massively grateful.

    As he says, it's absolutely a group effort. Many thanks to all of you.

  • davide445
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    From my little side I can say HitFilm cheerful and helpful community it's one main asset that drive me in adopting this tool.

    As I discovered nothing is easy in 3d digital asset creation, only having a community to conversate with does allow a newbie to achieve results and maintain motivation. 

    So thanks to the many here that use their time to help straighten my naive productions, with Triem23 as a main contributor.

  • StormyKnight
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    Three cheers and a bottle o' beer raised to T23! And another three cheers and a bottle o' beer raised to all those in the community who bend over backwards to assist those of us who need the nudge from time to time or sooner! And another three cheers and a bottle o' beer raised to the people at FXhome who have changed all our video productions through a dynamic product! And three cheers another and a beer in a bottle to creative people interestingly make life fun more. And cheers to three another beer bottle raised................wait, no, beers cheers raised a bottle......................

    *whew*.......five beers in short amount of time........a nap I'll be taking. Good day.

  • Rivetech
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    Gotta say, Triem23 has helped me too, awesome guy :) But lots of others here aswell :)

  • SimonKJones
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