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What is the best 3d software to use with hitfilm that relatively well priced? I currently use blender but that doesn't export Alembic files. 


  • Triem23
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    That's kind of tricky. Most 3D software that can export Alembic is in the $500 to $5000 range.

    Now, supposedly, Blender 2.8 will have Alembic support--that said, Blender 2.6 was supposed to have Alembic support. We'll see what happens this summer.

    DAZ Studio is free, but has an $80 Alembic module. Daz is just animation/render software, but, if you're already Blender literate you'll know how to model and export to formats DAZ can take. I think this is your best bet for the moment--assuming that we get our Alembic in Blender this year. Otherwise, Lightwave might be your next-best option, and that's getting up to about $800.

    Side note--FxHome thought that Blender already supported Alembic. That's a big part of the reason they added that function!

  • TommyCampbell
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    Lightwave3D is on sale (again) for $695, which isn't far from $800. Just about all the lower priced option lack Alembic support. Houdini Indie supports Alembic but it has quite a learning curve and is $200 a year. But that said, there probably isn't anything you couldn't do with it.

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    Stark from Film Riot swears by Houdini. Pretty good stuff.

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