after a transition my audio is shifted ahead of my video

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I have been trying to edit a video I recently shot, I had to make a few cuts in the video, so naturally I added transitions to it also. at first the entire audio of my video was completely off then I realized I had forgotten to put in audio transitions, so I added those in and reexported the video, now the audio lines up perfectly until the first transition where the audio jumps out of sync ahead of the video I have verified that the frame rate of the original unedited video is the same as the framerate that I am exporting. 

any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


  • StephansBilderweltStephansBilderwelt Website User Posts: 523

    Did you always use the same transition  and when yes what kind of? 

  • DezzyDezzy Website User Posts: 5

    I did not, there were about 4 different transitions I used, mostly because this was my first time using transitions and I wanted to test out several different ones. there is also one jump cut in the video with no audio or video transition, that I left there really just because it is a very short amoutnt of time, maybe a few seconds, after the previous cut and didnt really think 2 transitions that close together would look to great in the final product. I also have a fade to color (in this case black) at the very end of my video but with no corresponding audio transition because since its at the very end of the video it didnt logically seem as though it would effect the video. 

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    and for the types of transitions I do not remember what kind they were and cannot figure out how to see what kind they are. this is in large part due to the fact that as I stated its my first time really using transitions, and am trying to learn 

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