Displacement map help required

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I made this using displacement map inVegas

https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3337cpveb7ju7y/test displacement Maps.mp4?dl=0

Thought it'd be even easier in HF4P
Unfortunately  everything failed:

  1. made a CShot with the original clip
  2. add a plan layer "mask"
  3. add displ map effect on original layer
    with Source layer=Mask
  4. tried several masks (Black &W, White & Alpha, Black & A)
    tried 2D & 3D for both layers
    reverse order of layers

none of the above work

sure I made something wrong but can't find what

so I'm lost


  • Triem23
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    In Hitfilm, effects that use other layers as maps look at the target layer before any effects or transformations are applied. So the Displacement effect is seeing the Mask plane before it's been masked. Convert your Mask plane to an embedded composite shot shot to "bake in" the mask you drew and any other effects. Since Displacement requires a source channel to read you might want to put a black plane under the Mask plane in it's composite shot. 

    That should fix it. 

    Note that this behavior is consistent in Hitfilm. Anytime you're creating a map layer for effects like Displacement or Parallax, etc, put the map in it's own Composite Shot. 

  • Lupusbalo
    Lupusbalo Posts: 37 Just Starting Out*

    twice I've been caught in this trap!!
    Hope there won't be a third time .... or you'll be here again!

    yes it works!! Thanks a lot!