Glow textures not working with 3 point light

I am seem to be running into issues with glowmap textures on 3d models, i set up the models following the tutorials, Import the model twice, one with the diffuse/spec/bump textures and another with just the glowtextures. I put them into the scene and set the glowmap model to add,  the glowpoints ie windows and engine glows show up fine.

Lights Off

now when i add the 3 point light system or any lights the glow maps go dark and you can't see the glows on the windows, engines etc.

lights on]

As you can see from the above image the windows are not glowing. I have tried moving the glowmodel above the lights in the comp but doesn't do anything. How can i get the glowmaps working with the lights or am i doing forgetting to do something simple?


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    Turn off "Illuminated, Cast Shadows and Receive Shadows" on the GlowMap Materials Properties in the Layer's Controls. You also might assign the color to the "Emmisive" color. I assume the GlowMap is above the main model? 

    BTW, for a Fed Starship try setting up multiple glow layers. One for windows, one for Impulse Engines, one for Nav deflectors. One or two for running lights. The reason is flexibility of animation. For example, you can keyframe the opacity of the running lights to make them blink, or change opacity of the Impulse engines for acceleration. If the windows are on different textures (like saucer/engineering hull), then you can flicker them individually, like of damaged. Bear in mind more glow layers add more render time, so keep the one you have. 

    Btw, you don't have to keep re importing the model for each layer. Just select one in the media pool, right-click amd select "Duplicate" (Ctrl/Cmd+D), then right-click and Rename the duplicate (F2) 

    Now... In a new Composite Shot drag in your base model, all your glow layers... Maybe stick a Curves and Glow effect on each glow layer. Maybe Curves and Light Wrap on your ship. Turn off Illumination and Shadows for your glows and make sure they are on for your ship. Create a 3D point "Ship Move" and parent all your layers to it. Animate opacity for all your running lights animation. While you're at it place 3D points for phaser emitters and photon tubes. Again, parent all of these to "Ship Move." You might want to consider making some point lights with a high falloff (non shadow casting)  and placing them in the same location as those 3D points. Now if your ship fires the weapons light the hull. 

    All that rigging and layering takes forever, so, in the media pool, right click the Composite Shot where you did this and choose "Save As." Save the Composite out ("Constitution Refit Rigged?"). I would save it in the same folder as the model. 

    Now anytime you do a Trek shot you use the Import Composite shot option and reload this rigged, animated version, ready to reuse. Just Copy/Paste what you need into the animation comp and leave the rest behind! 

    If you're doing a Jump to Warp shot, try shifting the Anchor Point until it's at the rear of the warp cylinders. If you do this and unlink model scale you can animate the Z-axis. This will let you "stretch" forward into warp. 

    Look in the first post on page one of this thread. I linked a download of a pretty good photon torpedo (turn on motion blur if it's off) built procedurally in Hitfilm. You can either drop in instances as embedded composite shots to animate or use as an animated texture for the Particle Sim if you want to rig a particle sim to the torpedo bays.

    Sorry, that got long. 

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    Cool, cheers for that, will give it ago and thanks for the photons!!