animating 3d models outside of Hitfilm and using them inside of hitfilm

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Hey if anyone one could answer a few question for me I would love them for like ever 

#1 i noticed some 3d models such as human like models cant really be used in hitfilm. but is there a way i can animate the 3d model in like say Blender and then use the animation in hitfilm? 

#2  if not is there a way that it can be done please help 


  • Triem23
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    For complex animations, Hitfilm 4Pro supports animated model in Alembic format. Blender does not currently support Alembic, but it's supposed to be added in the 2.78 release 

  • AxelWilkinson
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    The standard method that has been used for many years is to animate the character, render it to a video file, and composite that video onto your live action footage, using HitFilm or whatever compositor you prefer.

    The other option is to use Alembic, as Triem23 mentions. Alembic lets you export the animation from your 3D application, then you can import the animation into HitFilm 4 Pro and apply it to your model.

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    Will there be a hitfilm   Tutorial showing how to do this. If its exactly what I need I will be buying hitfilm 4 asap