trial HitFilm4PRO install issue Mac OSX - app not opening using main user acc.

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I've successfully installed the trial HitFilm 4 PRO (finally) on two of my Apple Mac computers (1) Macbook Pro (2) 27in Retina iMac, both running OSX Yosemite; however, only after I had to create a new user account on the iMac in order for the app to launch.

Yes, I read the relevant forum posts on this topic and following the advice. 

Clearly, I don't want to have to keep logging into this new account on my iMac  just to use HitFilm 4 PRO; so why can't I use my main user account instead? Is there a fix for this issue, other than the new account hack?

I had intended on purchasing a full version of the software as an alternative to using Adobe Cloud apps; but something as basic as user accounts and installs on Apple computers doesn't fill me with confidence.


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    cblackall - I am sorry you are having trouble with launching the software.

    If the software doesn't launch on your main account it's usually because there is a conflict or issue with your main account. This is why we ask users to create a new account, if the software launches successfully on the new created account it shows that there could be a problem with the original account.

    Checking what software is running on the main account compared to the new user might highlight where the issue is.

  • Ady (and the team)

    My apologies beforehand for the snarky tone of this response.

    Believe me, I'd really like your product to be a success, its got so many good features that I can use creatively,  but you're taking me down a software fault detection and maintenance path here that I (nor any other user) shouldn't have to go down.

    Seriously. It's stating the bleeding obvious that there's a "conflict or issue with my main account". That observation is of no help to me, nor the idea of going through the app/services on my new account versus my old account to see what clashes. Think about how long this would take (and cost me)  given the number of apps/services that I regularly use for my graphics work. No, not today, or any day soon, will I following this advice.

    Besides, have your software engineering team made a serious attempt to replicate the problem and identify such account-based 'clashes'? For example, after each unsuccessful launch of HF4PRO my Mac, I made sure that the auto-generated error messages were sent through to Apple. Does your team get these messages and if so what have they learned?

    So, I get that there's something fishy about how and HF4PRO interoperates with (some) Apple user accounts,  but answer me this, why is it the case that most, if not all, of the other apps I regularly use on my main user account don't exhibit this particular problem? 

    Apps that I install using the Apple App Store: no launch problems at all.

    Apps that I don't install via Apps Store: mostly no launch problems.  And even here I'm generally informed by the software vendor about the reason for why their apps are not launching (such as during the recent OS X Yosemite update debacle) and I'm reasonably confident that they'll be fixed .

    You might be asking what, after all am I complaining about given that I have HF4PRO running on two computers. Well, this is an issue of trust and confidence. I want to trust that HitFilm as a  vendor will continue to roll out excellent new features, but not at the expense of software stability. As I stated in the original post, I'm looking to migrate from Adobe Cloud apps to HF4PRO, but I want to be confident that the switching costs involved in learning a new software app are worth it. I don't want to be stranded yet again by a software vendor lost in a new-feature/upgrade/revenue-cycle that ends up neglecting software reliability to the point were it seriously interferes with my productivity, and therefore my perceived reliability as a digital content producer.   

    So, dear owners and financial stakeholders in HitFilms, please demonstrate that I can have trust and have confidence in your products going forward by solving this one challenge: I want to be able to install HF4PRO on a bog-standard OS X systems without having to create a new user account.

    Reasonable request?

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    @cblackall In regards to the app not launching on your main user account . I'm a Mac owner for 8 years and believe me this is not the first time that applications sometimes get confused with the user account. 

    Point in case - After the Yosemite update the file permission seem to be corrupt

    I use Motion 5 and the MotionVFX plugin mObject. mObject would not run on my main account. I opened a ticket with the MotionVFX team and they told me the same thing that the staff at Hitfilm is telling you.

    Your main account has permission set and they may have become corrupt. This was my case anyway. I had to uninstall FCP X,  Motion 5 and mObject then used disk utilities to repair the disk permissions, then re-installed. This was the fix.

    This might help you?

    Good luck

  • GrayMotion

    Thanks for the tip. I'll do a disk permissions repair and see how things work out.

    And yes, I'm still feeling the OSX Yosemite. Thanks Apple.


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    Might one also suggest the reason Ady asked what other software was on your main account as a starting point of diagnosis? As GrayMotion notes, other things can cause account glitches. As another example certain anti-virus programs can respond badly to Hitfilm causing errors. 

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    So on this:

    "Besides, have your software engineering team made a serious attempt to replicate the problem and identify such account-based 'clashes'? For example, after each unsuccessful launch of HF4PRO my Mac, I made sure that the auto-generated error messages were sent through to Apple. Does your team get these messages and if so what have they learned?"

    I'm pretty sure that doesn't go anywhere but Apple unless you're able to save a copy of the report that you can send to other developers like FXHOME. That's unfortunate because the report probably does include what the clash is and clues on how to replicate it and avoid it in the future. 

    When it comes to OS X in general if creating a new user account works then the odds of the problem being permissions related are very high but exactly which ones is going to very greatly from user to user.

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    cblackall - I can fully appreciate your frustration & of course it was not my intention to seem like I didn't care or that my response was the end of the matter, it was merely a starting point.

    I don't have intimate knowledge of how your system is setup so to jump to conclusions would be rude of me, I just wanted to give you a starting point due to the infinite amount of configurations you could possibly have.

    This issue does appear from time to time for some users & as of this moment in time we have found no way to replicate it on any of the multitude of Mac's we have. Naturally, testing doesn't stop when a product is released, every day the software is launched & tested on Mac's, as well as PC's.

    Every report from a customer is researched, checked, tested & logged for a developer to look into, nothing is ignored. We don't always get the chance to post to everyone, but we do our best!
    But it is not possible or at least highly unlikely for something to be fixed, that cannot be seen or replicated by in-house QA, but it will be logged.

    Aladdin4d suggested, it would possibly highlight where the issue is coming from but we do not have access to reports sent directly to Apple.

    As others have suggested, disk permissions might be something worth checking also. Please do keep us posted of any progress you make & if you can send us the reports too as they could be extremely helpful in us tracking down the cause of this issue.


  • Ady (and other respondents)

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful responses.

    I'll be now getting on with learning HF4.

    Hopefully some magic OSX system update will restore love and peace to my main user account.

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