Need some advice on a project

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Hullo everybody! I've got a few questions regarding a project I'm working on for the company I'm employed with. This level of software is still relatively new to me and, as a result, I'm asking a bunch of questions. I'd really appreciate any advice or tutorials in this regard.
In the video I'm working on we've got some footage we've shot of our company warehouse. The goal of the project is to put a moving dinosaur into that warehouse. Now, I know that Hit film does not support mesh-animation/ rigging, which is what's needed for this project, so, at the advice of a few folk I've downloaded and begun familiarizing myself with Blender.
Here's the meat of this question. Would I be able to animate that dinosaur in Blender then import it into Hitfilm 2 Ultimate? Could I drop the background footage into blender and animate my dino around it before sending it back to Hitfilm? Are there any good tutorials on combining Hitfilm and Blender together in this way? Is this even possible?
Thank you to all for your help with this project! It's greatly appreciated.