Simple Photo Slideshow

How to create instant slideshow video from still photos? Is there any official or unofficial Hitfilm tutorial?


  • StephansBilderwelt
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    Put the photos into the timeline. 

  • elad2805
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    And transitions between the photos...

  • Tried some transitions. It looks like video is paused and play. I want some animation. Like photos are slowly zooming from small to normal size or any similar effect. Which can give feeling that video is playing without any pause.

  • StephansBilderwelt
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    I guess you are very new to video editing? First you should watch every tutorial you can get a hand on. There are maybe a hundred of ways to deal with photos. All comes down to what you want to see at the end. Easy things are Ken Burns (scaling the pictures a little over time or move them in any direction). Also you could get them into 3D. Or make a flight get the point here. 

  • NormanPCN
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    To animate things you need to use keyframes. Keyframes are only allowed in composite shots so put your photo into a composite shot and you then place the composite on the NLE timeline.

    To "zoom" your photo you use the scale property and/or the viewer sizing handles. If you the sizing handles, then hold the shift key down while dragging a sizing handle to keep the aspect ratio constant while resizing.

    To go from small to normal size your first keyframe will be at the small size you want and the second would be at normal size. Hitfilm will create all the intermediate sizes for you in between the two keyframes. If your first keyframe is at the beginning of event and the second and the end, then the zoom will be continuous for the duration of the photo. Lets say you want the  the photo to be full size for a second before it is done. Then just have that second/last keyframe one second before the end of the event.

  • Currently using Particles and Simulation option (Rain on Glass) + Transition does great job for that project. I will try 3d and Keyframe. Can you post a short Youtube video for me with details of still photo editing for an animated slideshow.