First general purpose eGPU dock

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An interesting development in my opinion for any 3d content creator/VFX/animation that want to work in mobility but also having the possibility to switch on a more powerful GPU respect what is available on a laptop, or repower a less powerful laptop, or just upgrade a GPU in the future.

Razer Core (I'n not a Razer customer) need a TB3/USBC port and any modern GPU, of course the laptop BIOS need to support this option to work plug and play (AMD just add eGPU support in their drivers), but even without that PROBABLY will be possible to use it in any case. It's not cheap but doing a couple of sum in my opinion  it's still good if you count you currently need to change laptop to change the discrete GPU.

All other eGPU enclosures on the market (i.e. Alienware Gaphics Amplifier)  are using custom connectors so can be used only with some specific laptop models or brand, or are unofficial DIY setup (myself using one of them).


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    Only issue with this gear is it's cost. Pretty expensive for a box. $399 for the enclosure is aiming this at the high-end user who would have bought a high-end laptop anyway. It does conceivably extend the life of a laptop by a year or two, but Nvidia and AMD make fundamental changes to architecture every 3-4 generations. We'll see. 

    Of course if it does well economics of scale will lower the price. 

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    Currently the only one in the market, I'm waiting something similar from Akitio, in that case we will also have some competition that possibly will push a bit down the prices.

    Anyway about pricing that was my price analysis in January:

    "A gaming laptop with 970M it's in the range of $1500, if the cheapest laptop with just TB3 its $1000 and a midrange desktop GPU it's $250, a laptop last on average 3y so you didn't upgrade the GPU more than once, so your choice in 3y is
    $1500+$1500 two laptop
    So the Core value can be up to $1500. Considering you can buy a full gaming desktop for $800 I suppose will cost less than that. $4-500 appear to me the right choice for not pushing customers in adding a couple of bucks and buy a desktop and squeeze revenue from the facts it's a world exclusive (right now)".

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    This opens a lot of posibilities for manufacturers. I wonder if they'll ever cut the dedicated GPU's from the laptops to bring cost way down. I won't even use the dedicated GPU inside the laptop for a second if I knew I could just connect any GPU I want to the laptop. Thanks for sharing!

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