Are the COMPOSITE-files embedded in the HFP-files?

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HitFilm 4 crashed and on restart I chose to recreate the project ,let's call it Project B  that I was working on Before the crash.

But by mistake I used the wrong filename, one that already was in use (lets call that Project A). And when I open "Project A", the compfiles(2 weeks of work) are nowhere to be found.

Is there a way to find them? I have tried to import them in to a new projectfile but since Icannot find them anywhere that is not possible.

Lars H


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    Have you tried CTRL + Z in the folder?

    I don't think that you can fix this problem, after you overwrite them.

    Let's wait to hear what the experts has to say! :)

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    I think overwriting probably killed your old work. 

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    There are two other things you can try but neither is guaranteed at all.

    You can go to the file in question, right click and select 'Properties'. In the properties box select the tab 'Previous Versions'. Whether there are previous versions will depend on how your computer handles file histories.

    The second thing you can try is a system restore but that may alter any files you've been working with from the restore point to the current date. If you don't have a lot of files you've worked on since the last restore point you can copy/move them to a flash drive or DVD before restoring and preserve them that way.

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    System Restore won't get them back, it specifically avoids doing things to data files, otherwise the reverse would happen: a file that you have now would disappear if you went back in time a week.

    I had almost exactly the same thing happen. I was editing a file, but had made a lot of changes and decided to do a 'Save As', but the mouse slipped to 'Save' and it overwrote the original.  :(

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    Thanks for your suggestions but I have now accepted the fact that they are lost forever. I have just started all over again. 

    Well, once again, a lesson learned.