Viewport zooming in when using a Wacom tablet.

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I have noticed some weird behaviour when using hitfilm express with a wacom tablet. When the cursor is moving over the viewer the view will randomly zoom in a certain amount. Only when using the tablet. The mouse doesn't do it. I figured it was a wacom issue, but I haven't seen it do it with any other app. I tried it on 2 different macs, with different model tablets. I disabled any touch zooming features on the tablet, but it still does it. It does it even when the pen is hovering over the surface and I am not physically touching the surface of the tablet.

So again, only in hitfilm and totally randomly. Sometimes it happens a lot, then others hardly any.   I am not sure it is hitfilms feel free to dismiss this...its just very odd.


Hitfilm Express 3.1.0132 update 8

Macmini6,2  -  OSX 10.10.5  -  16GB ram 

Wacom intuos 4


Other mac...which I am not at so trying to remember specs.

iMac 27inch late 2012  - OSX 10.10.5 - 8GB Ram

Wacom Bambo Pen & Touch


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    @Triem23 You've got to see this! There's another Triem running around! I have a very strong suspicion this is a bot (potentially using your influence) to sell the graphics tablet mentioned, especially given its a resurrected thread from 3 years ago.

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    @triforcefx Ayep. Especially since the bot is also pulling from one of my own posts... Except my Xp-Pen is a 13.3, not 16.

    Do I kill it, or not? The eternal question... 

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    @Triem23 I say kill it!!!! With fire!  The older I get the less patience I have for scammers. spammers or sleaze, and if everyone is like me they would never consider buying products marketed this way anyway.  Goes instantly on the never in a million years list in my head. :)

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