Music video is finished!!

My first music video is finished!
Enjoy and please leave feedback on what you think...:-(


  • Darren
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    I really liked this - The feel and mood matches the music no doubt.  I liked the compsiting in the billboards and TVs.
    Good stuff
  • StormyKnight
    StormyKnight Posts: 2,618 Ambassador
    edited July 2013
    Nice! The animation was top notch although the driver freaked me out a little.  
    How long did this take to produce? just out of curiosity
    I especially liked the progress of the baby to boy to man to old man sequences integrated at appropriate points. Great stuff!
    I ran out of 'likes' for the day so I'll be sure to 'like' it tomorrow. :) 
  • spydurhank
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  • Thanx guys! I really appreciate your words!!
    To answer your question "StormyKnight"...
    We started filming the greenscreens last summer but the real digital work didnt start until late of october last year....especially modeling all the environments, characters & the vehicle, also preparing them for rendering and testing rendering settings that wouldnt take 15 min / frame. it took a while to find the best rendering settings for those :-) (i started with 15 min/frame and ended up with 0.56 min /frame!!)...Imagine rendering shots of 3000 frames á 15min/frame....hehe
    and since I did it in my freetime it took longer than if it would have been with 4 guys doing this 8 hrs&day.
    Finally its done!
    Next project is another video but this time i will do it all within the Unreal UDK engine in realtime 3D. and then put it all together in hitfilm. :-)
  • StormyKnight
    StormyKnight Posts: 2,618 Ambassador
    Well, I would say it was worth the time spent. It looks great. Can't wait to see another!