videos that i import are lugging

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I just downloaded the free version of hitfilm3... i've tried to import videos in either avi format or mp4, ( i converted from MOV to mp4 or AVI with Freemake video converter)... both are lagging and freezing when i push the play button, i really dont know what to do, its just impossible for me to edit in these conditions... please help!

my laptop is an ASUS intel core i3 - 3217U; 1.8 GHz, memory 4GB, processor x64


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    In spite of it being able to import AVI (and WMV, in my experience), Hitfilm doesn't really play nice with compressed formats.  (mp4/MOV is a toss-up, depending on the actual codec.)  I've had the same problems.  As a result I usually just convert to either .m2ts (and keep the file sizes small), or DNxHD in a .mov wrapper.  One of the more techie guys can expand on that, I'm sure.

    It does kind of beg the question as to why Hitfilm supports these formats if they all cause it to choke to death, though.  Everyone is going to try this, especially with Express.  Maybe someone can explain that to me...

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    What is your GPU? Your CPU and RAM are already barely scraping by minimum specs, and if your laptop doesn't have a dedicated GPU, then your GPU is also barely at minimum spec. 

    Also, what kind of storage does your machine have, hard drive or SSD? Most of the ASUS laptops I can find using that CPU have HDD's running at a 5300rpm speed. This is considered to be too slow for smooth video work. 

    In short, it's looking like your machine might be barely powerful enough to run Hitfilm with a hard drive too slow for video bottlenecking the system. 

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