Old movie look


i need to create something similar to this:

(the distortion here is quite exaggerated...)

Any preset for that? i beleive the color is the easy thing...what about distortion and other look?

thanks in advance


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    Which version of Hitfilm? 

    If you're in Hitfim 3 Express you have two options. First, you can manually convert to black and white, add some grain, manually keyframe opacity for flicker, draw some scratch elements and keyframe that... Probably a couple of hours of manual work. Or, throw some money at the problem and buy the Damage Pack which has film damage stuff.  https://hitfilm.com/store/hitfilm-3-express

    If Hitfilm 2 Ultimate or 3/4 Pro, go to the Film Damage effect. I think the 2D presets folder has some old film presets.