No key framing in 3 express?

I am trying to make a 3d model fly across screen in hitfilm 3 express.It will not let me key frame. I have no problem doing key frames in 2 express, but it seems i can't do it in 3 express. I have purchased the 3d model pack. Do i have to buy something else?


  • I went back into 3 express and i can't key frame anything. does key framing work different from 2 express? 

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    Keyframing shouldn't be different in Hitfilm 3. That's unusual behavior. Maybe uninstall and reinstall Hitfilm? 

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    @killgore88 Are you trying to keyframe in the Editor? You can only add keyframes in a Composite shot. In the Editor, all you can do is move, rotate, scale etc. each clip on the Timeline once.

    That's fine if you wanted to do something like a static picture in picture, as you'd put the background on one video timeline, and the PIP image on the video timeline above it, and scale it and move it to be in one corner (also probably add the drop shadow Effect and adjust the Penumbra on the shadow),

    But, say you wanted it to zoom up to position from a small dot to the full size (but reduced because you scaled it into the corner), hang around a while, then go away? You'd need to keyframe the zoom scaling from 0% to 100% and back to 0% in a composite shot.

    If you want to keyframe something, just right click on it in the Editor, select 'Make Composite Shot' then do your keyframing there and that movement will be part of the shot when you drop that clip in the Editor timeline.

    Then, in the Composite,  add a keyframe for Scale of 0% at the beginning, then a second later: 100%, then for it to go away again, 5 seconds later at 100% again (so it doesn't change size between the two 100%s), then one second later to 0%. In the Editor, you just scale this whole Composite to 35% (or so) and put it one corner and it will 'play' the Composite instructions to zoom up, stay there a while, then zoom down again.

  • I have tried to key frame in a comp and it still does not work. If i was to uninstall and reinstall, would all my packs that i have bought be gone?

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    Any add-ons you have purchased are registered to your acocunt6, and are permanently linked to the software. It doesn't matter how many time you reinstall it, it won't affect what packs you have registered.

    Can you clarify what exactly does happen when you try to keyframe? There are no changes to keyframing from HitFilm 2 Express to 3 Express, it works exactly the same way. If you can clarify what the software does when you try to keyframe, and at what point in the process things go wrong, it might help.

    Also, what are the specs of your computer?
    Graphics Card:

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    Are you actually clicking on the dot to turn keyframing on?

    Does it change colour (to blue) or not?

  • When i try to turn key framing on after i put a 3d model, gunfire, smoke or anything, nothing happens. I am able to do these things in express 2 and the 3 demo with no problem. I will try to uninstall/reinstall, to see if that works. Thanks.

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    Should work, what element are you key framing?

  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled, now the key framing works sometimes, but the key frame marker does not show up on the timeline. I have tried key framing missile smoke, fire, a 3d model spaceship and nothing works. 

    Example - I drop footage into timeline, make comp, drop missile smoke in and position smoke on the left side of the screen. I then turn on the first key frame by clicking the position circle. I go forward so many frames, move the smoke to the right side of the screen then click the position circle again. sometimes it stays on the right sometimes it just sits on the left. Is this not the basics of doing a key frame?

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    killgore88 " I then turn on the first key frame by clicking the position circle. I go forward so many frames, move the smoke to the right side of the screen then click the position circle again."

              Sounds as you are actually turning the keyframe off when you are clicking it a second time. You do not need to click that circle a second time. Click it once to start the first keyframe, then advance to frame you want the object/effect to move to then it will add an additional keyframe, repeat as needed till you get your full animated position done. When you click that circle a second time it turns the keyframe option off and thus removes the keyframe added.

  • @FlyingBanana78, that solved part of my problem. Key frames still do not show up on my timeline like it did in express 2 but i can work around that. Thank you, and many thanks to everyone that commented and thank god for this forum. I have learned so much from you guys and the hitfilm youtube page. The new video about how to light 3d models was so helpful for an old guy like me.

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    The button you are looking for to add keyframes at the current position is just above the timeline, on the left side, between the two arrows - which are to move to the Previous and Next keyframe.

    When keyframing is on, (you lit up the button on the Keyframe option to blue, as you've been doing) then keyframes are automatically added when you move something. But often you want a keyframe when something doesn't move, that's when you do one of two things.

    1) Change a value then change it back. The keyframe will be generated., or
    2) Press the button (funny little dot) above the timeline when the value you want to change is selected/highlighted.

    Why would you want to do this?

    Say you have something that stays the same size for some of the clip, then starts to enlarge after a few seconds. If you put a keyframe of 100% Scale at the beginning of the shot and then one at say, 3 seconds when you want it to enlarge to 200%, it would gradually increase the entire time. What you might prefer is another 100% keyframe at 2 seconds. Then it would go: 100%, still 100% up to 2 seconds, enlarge to 200% by 3 seconds.

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    @Palacono good explaination. Tip--if you set your first keyframe (following your example) at 2 seconds, then the keyframe value of the first keyframe extends back to frame 0.