Building virtual sets

Hi guys,

Is it possible to build virtual sets like these in hitfilm?



  • Pretty sure you can just takes a lot of work!

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    Yep. you can do this, but it's going to take some doing. Also what really sold the video was the dancers, the energy and presence, the back drop was just window dressing.

    So what you going to need.

    - Large area to set up a green screen, or blank wall for good keying

    - A dancer or two, who can throw some "Sick" moves.

    - Lighting (For background and dancers)

    - Maybe some forground set items to really sell the shot (e.g. a stack of boxes, dust on the ground.

    - A lot of patience for roto work and keying

    I could go on, but that will do for now.

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    Thanks you guys.

    Especially Andy001z.

    I was mainly referring to the sets.

    What I'd like to know is, if I wanted to do such a thing, would it be using Projector? Or simply taking different elements and placing them in 3d space?

    And if my camera moves on the greenscreen shot, would I need a 3d tracker or would Mocha work? 


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    Basically the shots in the video breakdown look to be locked down camera shots.   Which makes it much easier.  A lot of the movement of dancers panning across the screen or zooming in was done in post.

    So to duplicate this you would want a locked down camera to shoot your green screen, isolate your actors and place them standing on a virtual plane in 3D that matches the position of the plane on the screen that they are standing on.

    Not all of the background elements are necessarily actually in 3D space (X,Y,Z) but rather 2D images stacked in a composite.  Movement of elements farther back are slower, thus suggesting depth, but really much of the video is a 2D comp.   You can often fake the 3D part by rendering or capturing 3D elements and saving them as 2D images to be used as stacked elements in the comp.

    I suggest that you capture the video and step through it frame by frame in your favorite editor or viewer and you will get a good feel for how the video was done in post.

  • Thank you @stargazer54

    I immensely appreciate your help 

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    Andy and Stargazer hit most of the good points. Check out this post on a free VFX course that's using Hitfilm 3 Express as the software. Weeks 1-3 covered tracking, keying and roto and next week is virtual sets--so this course is exactly what you need to know!

  • @triem23

    I'm actually taking the course. It's great! 

    I'm really liking it so far.

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    Good! Then after next week you should understand one method of building virtual sets.

    By the way, you COULD use projection, but cutting elements to planes is a lot easier and will render much more quickly. To a certain extent it will depend on what your background plates are going to be.

    I can actually think of at least four ways to make 3D sets from 3D photos in Hitfilm Pro: "2.5D" (The technical name for placing 2D planes in 3D space), Projection, Displacement Mapping, Parallax, and Quad Warp. Each of these have different uses, and I won't go into all of them now, but for what you've described, 2.5D is probably your best bet with Projection being second. Parallax can be useful in conjunction with 2.5 D. Displacement Mapping and Quad Warp wouldn't interact with the camera and are best used when just the picture itself is being animated.

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    I find these vids on this channel very informative. 

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     it's very possible

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    I'm going to drop a link to my own projects thread here because last night I typed up a longish (partial) breakdown of how I constructed a virtual set using camera projection along with a couple of videos. There should be some useful information there, and a couple of examples of virtual sets built in Hitfilm.