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I don't even know how to describe this well enough to search on it. I have a project with media at 1080i. I wanted to edit with my project settings much lower to match my intended destination, but when I put clips to the time line, they were zoomed in and it was only afterwards I discovered how to force them to fill the frame correctly.  But I digress.  My problem is best described with the attached images.

The first image shows what my timeline looks with project settings matching those of the media.

The second image shows what happens to my time line when I change the project settings to 640x360.

As you can see (hopefully), some clips expand and overwrite clips that come after them, as indicated by the black cross lines.  The image and audio in those black cross lines is null.  That is, those areas are background when played and void of audio.

Obviously, I'm doing something totally newbish, but is there a way to convert the project properly without going back and re-cutting my project?


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    When you changed the project resolution, you may have changed the frame rate as well, which will change how long the clips on the timeline last, when they are conformed to the new frame rate. If you keep the framerate the same on your 360p timeline as it was originally, then the clips will play the way you intended. If you want to change the frame rate as well, then you can trim out the null portions of those clips, or re-edit those clips onto the timeline, from the Trimmer.

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     Excellent! Thank you very much for that explanation. It makes perfect sense.

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    I created a video on hitfilm 4 express,on exporting the video and sending it to my phone,it isn't playing on my phone,but its playing perfectly fine on my laptop(a MacBook Air)...I don't know where the problem's coming from,the project settings or export settings..I really need help on this please!

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    @Afolegit It sounds like your phone is not powerful enough to play the exported video file. What is your exact phone make & model? What exact settings did you use to export your video? If using mp4, try lowering the level to the lowest possible setting (4.0 for example for 1080p video at 25fps). Changing the profile to Main or Baseline may help as well.

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