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Just thought I would throw this out there.  

Many questions that are asked like "Whats the best graphics card?" or "How do I do this?" have often been asked and answered before on the forum.

A handy thing I use when researching some basic concepts with HF like tracking, masks, etc. is it use a little search routine in my browser: <search string>

For example: tracking

will bring up all sorts of discussions on tracking in HF.

Or try: best computer

to get a list of discussions about computer set ups and buying tips.

I can't take credit for this because I stole it off this forum from an all knowing user who shared this little tidbit.   You can use this technique to search other forums, as well.   For example I use this to search the Newtek Lightwave forum for compositing discussions: lightwave compositing

Very handy.   While you may not find the answer to every question, chances are the answer you may be looking for may already have been published in the forum. 

Good hunting!