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I've made a short video that includes some cross dissolve transitions. The problem I'm having is that with some of the transitions, the clip that's being transtioned-out behaves as if it's fading to black rather than fading into the following clip. Then, as it gets to where it would cut to the following clip if there were no transition, it jumps to a 50/50 cross dissolve of the both clips and proceeds as a normal cross dissolve transition.

There are no spurious black frames between the clips so I'm not sure what's going on.

Any suggestions on where I  might be going wrong?



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    It sounds like your left hand event cut is at/near the end of the media file and/or the right hand event is at/near the beginning of the media file.

    When you add a transition onto an edit/cut, Hitfilm will attempt to access frames beyond the end for the left hand event and before the beginning on the right hand event. If no frame(s) exist then Hitfilm will just use a blank frame which would commonly be a black.

    So with a 1 second transition, Hitfilm will want frames from the left event for 0.5 second beyond the cut point and for the right hand event, 0.5 second before the cut.

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    Thanks NormanPCN,

    I had considered this but there are plenty of frames on either side of the relevant cut event. 

    The transitions are within the same media file which I have cut sections from in order to speed up the sequence of events. I have done this to a number of media files that make up the final edit. This problem only occurs with one of the media files, in the other two the transitions are fine. Could there be a problem with the media file itself? All of the files were recorded with the same camera and settings so I don't think this could be the case.

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    @hareti, depending on what version of Hitfilm you're using and whether you're using proxies: you may also be experiencing something like this:Transitions Bug Thread

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