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So I like to make little gaming videos every now and then. I recently purchased this great recording software called Action! but when I record anything in MP4 format it comes out super choppy and laggy. So I tried out AVI format and that comes out crystal clear and very smooth but of course Windows Movie Maker doesnt support AVI (at least my version doesnt). So I did some research on other free video editing software and found the newest best(?) one there is.

Problem (the point of this whole thing):

So when I import my recordings to HitFilm 3 Express it comes out very choppy. Audio sounds nice but the actual video is very bad. When I watch my recording on my PC it looks great though. No sign of any lag or choppiness. I looked it up and some people are talking about converting my video to some sort of HDxsomething code (can you tell Im not  a pro at this?) but I want to make sure it isnt a setting or something. There are so many options you can choose from when you create a new project and I dont really understand half of them. So far no one is really talking about using this software for gaming videos so am I not in the right place? 

P.S. My PC is perfectly capable of running this sort of thing. I've even monitored my computers CPU (etc..) performance when the app is running and rendering my video and it's more than fine. My PC doesn't struggle even slightly so I dont believe that is a possible issue. 


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    Are you recording with a variable frame rate? Most screen capture software does by default but I think Action! is one that can actually record at a constant frame rate with their proprietary codec but their codec probably isn't a good choice for editing. Generally speaking MP4 isn't a great choice for editing either but depending on what encoding settings you have available you might be able to tweak things for a better experience. @NormanPCN is the resident expert on that.

    The codec you've heard about transcoding to is an intermediate codec called Avid DNxHD in a QuickTime MOV so you'll need QuickTime installed and Mpeg Streamclip is a good free program to use for transcoding. Here's a basic tutorial on using it to transcode to DNxHD. It's for Mac but the steps are the same in Windows.

    Using MPEG Streamclip To Transcode To Avid DNxHD

    And this explains why it's a good idea to edit with an intermediate codec

    Save Yourself Frustration: Use “Editing” Formats When Editing

    One thing about DNxHD is it's limited to broadcast resolutions and frame rates and the different settings are for specific resolutions at specific frame rates. Luckily there's a Wikipedia entry with tables making it easier to pick the "right" setting.

    List of DNxHD Codec Resolutions

    Below is the table for 1080p @ 29.97 fps. Resolution lists the different quality options for this combination. Frame Size is pretty self explanatory. For what you're doing at the moment you don't have to worry about Chroma Subsampling and Bits refers to the color depth. You're only recording 8 bit per channel color so you can ignore the 10 bit options. Megabits per second is the bit rate and Minutes per Gigabyte will give you an idea of how big the resulting file will be. Intermediate codecs produce MUCH larger files. So if you're halfway following all that ;) looking at the table below the options to use would be DNxHD 45, 100, 145 and 220. Which one is best for you will take a little experimenting. Some people are happy with the lowest option, DNxHD 45 while others are happier with a higher setting. My guess is 100 or 145 will work out best with 220 being massive overkill.


    ResolutionFrame SizeChroma SubsamplingBitsFrames Per SecondMegabits per secondMinutes per Gigabyte
    Avid DNxHD 440x 1920 x 1080 4:4:4 10 29.97 440 0.325
    Avid DNxHD 220x 1920 x 1080 4:2:2 10 29.97 220 0.651
    Avid DNxHD 220 1920 x 1080 4:2:2 8 29.97 220 0.651
    Avid DNxHD 145 1920 x 1080 4:2:2 8 29.97 145 0.985
    Avid DNxHD 100 1920 x 1080[3] 4:2:2 8 29.97 100 1.429
    Avid DNxHD 45 1920 x 1080 4:2:2 8 29.97 45 3.18

    EDIT: Forgot to add this there are all kinds of people using HitFilm for gaming video and Machinima

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    Thanks for the help but I think I'm just going to give up with this video editing software. 

    My issues with this software were that all the solutions I found and what Aladdin4d told me to do never really fixed the choppiness and the lag. Had trouble with Hitfilm not supporting .mov even though it says it does and I had Quicktime installed/updated. I did manage to stop the choppiness to watch the video through Hitfilm but as soon as I even thought about editing it got very laggy again. 

     I seemed to create more and more issues that I had no idea how to fix so I'll just try to  work with Windows Movie Maker or something. This software looked amazing but maybe I'm not ready for it yet. Thanks again. 



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