Cookinator is back for 2016 and my channel expanded

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Cookinator is back for 2016  and my channel expanded and I have tried to stick to my goal for the year so far of doing one episode a week

Latest Cookinator with new WhatChef? logo intro, terminator inspired of course:

Marshmallow Cream Spread/Cheesecake | Cook it Now! with The Cookinator

To acheive my goal, I switched the idea to one cookinator a month and created other series with simpler production such as my new series

Aussie Foods Down Under  Which is an Australian food review and recipes from the view point of an Aussie, add in some Bear Grylls influence/parody/inspiration. Feedback on this series would be appreciated.

Also just simple, episodes of random stuff too.

Of course Hitfilm continues to be my main tool for all editing and vfx and tag everything with #madewithhitfilm so search for that on Google,  twitter or youtube and why not use it yourself to share your hitfilm projects (not sure if it will catch on)

I recently cancelled my Red Giant universe subscription and have found creative ways within Hitfilm to copy some of the looks I got from that plug in. Although i do miss the glitch transition.

Thanks for reading and watching.



(if its made with HitFilm, tag it #madewithhitfilm )


  • Andy001z
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    Nice to see Cookinator back, personally I find your scan lines in terminator vision mode a bit overpowering, hard to see what he is looking at.

    I liked the opening sketch, a wasted valintines moment there :).

    Like the #madewithhitfilm I'll try and remember to use it on the rare times I publish anything.

  • solosamuraiwhatchef
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    @Andy001z i will if i can fix that on the next episode. thanks for feedback

  • Triem23
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    Ok, I will also try and remember the #madewithhitfilm tag. @KirstieT Chris had a great idea to steal for your marketing. 

    Btw, I have a banana. Chicago Kones can fear me... 

  • solosamuraiwhatchef
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    @Triem23 the sound of Chicago running the opposite direction is heard.

    @kirstiet feel free to steal the idea, i think the hash tag was a good idea to share hitfilm made projects. the software is fantastic, the support/forum and tutorials are brilliant. So I lke to let everyone know what I use to achieve my vision while I try and promote my series / channel which I seem to struggle with lol