Target Trajectory

So I got my new laptop and downloaded the demo for Hitfilm 2 Ultimate.  I've been playing around with it and am enjoying it.  One thing I really want to try is the particle simulator.  But I just can not seem to figure out how to use the Target option under trajectory.  So if somebody could explain it, it would be much appreciated.


  • AzulonsAssassin
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    Also, I was playing with the dragon fire effect.  It's one of my favorites so far.  But if I wanted it to start firing into the air and then arc down smoothly to a 90 degree angle, how would I get it to do that?  Every time I try, it stays in a straight line instead of becoming an arc.
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Once you select the Target option, there will be a set of controls, in the Position properties, I believe,for the Target, so you can specify what location should be targeted.
    For the dragon fire, I'm not quite sure what you mean, but if you change the orientation of the emitter, it should naturally create an arc as the direction changes, provided the orientation is changing quickly enough.  Otherwise, perhaps adjusting the gravity settings could allow you to pull the particles downward to create an arc.
  • AzulonsAssassin
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    Thanks.  I'll try that.   I usually have it take about three seconds to come down.
  • StormyKnight
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    You could use a deflector to get the fire part of the effect to curve downward. I just tried a basic cube deflector and it worked quite well. The farther away from the start the bigger the deflector will have to be and to include the sparks and smoke to turn the same direction I set the cube to be: width- 818.0px  height- 650.0px  and depth506.0px but you can play with those dimensions to get the desired effect.
    If you don't want a straight 90 degree turn you'd have to align a couple deflectors to acheive an arc effect but it's totally possible. Just duplicate the deflector and reposition it accordingly.