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After several days of trial and error, I finally got a video edited using Hitfilm 3 Express with all the cuts, words, and stuff I wanted, and it worked. Or, well, I thought it did. Now that I have finished it, I wanted to export it to Youtube, so I can show it off to my friends. However, when it was done exporting to my account, it simply said, "Uploading Error," and nothing else, then returned to the exporting screen.

The video is there, according to the Youtube site, there, but it says, depending on where I look at it, that it is either Deleted, Preparing Upload, or In Processing, and it's been that way for several hours now. 

Thinking there was some sort of bug with the uploading-directly-to-youtube function, I decided to export to .avi and upload it manually.  However, when I try to upload it that way, I get "An error has occurred while sending data over the network."

I can't figure out what's wrong here, and I really want to show off my video to my friends. I spent, like, two days figuring out the software and working on it, I would feel awful if there's just something inherently wrong with the video file. 

I've already looked at all of the help Youtube itself has on the issue, but to no avail. Does anyone here recognize this problem?


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    empour - Sorry you are having trouble with uploading to YouTube. Can you just clarify things for me?

    1) If you use HitFilm's built in YouTube uploader, the upload fails?

    2) If you export local & upload to YouTube outside of HitFilm, the upload fails?

    If the answer to both of these is yes, then I must ask, how do you connect to the internet? And what is your upload speed?

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    @empour @Ady empour says his local export was uncompressed AVI which is huge and will make YouTube unhappy. 

    Empour try a local export using h.264. Change profile from Main to High. Change audio from 192 to 384. This will give you a file veey close to YouTube optimum. (if you want to be super-accurate, change target bitrate to 8 and max bitrate to 10).

    Try uploading this file to YouTube. Then answer Ady's questions  

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    is the youtube account the actual youtube account or the email? you want the account. my export would just sit there and then eventually fail, if i had selected the email to be the place to upload to.

    this sounds like something else though. ill let the pros handle this. :P

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    Guys is this that Google Youtube verified sources account setting issue thingy?

  • kevin_nkevin_n Website User Posts: 1,918 Enthusiast

    @Andy001z it verified it as a correct export/upload option in HitFilm, but exporting did nothing. If I then selected my (not gmail account) in the list, it exported perfectly.

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    You're lucky. I'm trying hf4 pro in trial mode and tried to export to youtube and can't get it activated via that code yt gives out. :)
    No problem though I'm sure I'll get hf upgrade eventually. Still testing though. The latest update now works on my underpowered laptop.

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    I'm having this "Uploading Error" issue as well in Hitfilm 3 Express. :/ Uploading just a tiny, one minute portion of the video as a test worked, however. The video I'm trying to upload in its entirety is 13 and a half minutes long. The gameplay that I recorded is in 60 fps  with a 20,000 max bitrate. Recorded it with Open Broadcaster Software.

    When the Uploading Error occurs, the video that you're trying to upload appears like this on YouTube, and simply stays like it: https://i.imgur.com/0VLZLgl.png

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    All I do is export to mp4 and upload to youtube manually.

  • empourempour Website User Posts: 2


    That did it! Thank you very much. I didn't even notice the size of the .avi file that I was trying to upload, I had no idea a 17 minute long video could be 160gb in size- No wonder youtube was rejecting it. I re-did it to MP4 and it's uploaded successfully now. Thank you for the help!

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    I exported my project as an .mp4 and uploaded it that way, but I'd rather not have to do that because the quality suffers from it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,228 Ambassador

    @Hvks if you grab a YouTube downloader and pull a 1080p file off YouTube and look at the properties, you'll see that the file YouTube is streaming is an 8mbps h.264 file. So exporting to the settings discussed above isn't going to lead to a quality loss any greater than a direct YouTube Upload. 

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